SHOCKING Truth Revealed! – You will likely gain weight and NOT lose weight on these popular “health foods”

What I’m about to tell you in this message may come as a shock to you… in a lot more ways than one!


Yes, I’ referring to 15 common “health foods” you have likely been consuming regularly that are going against what they’re often portrayed to be.


15 foods that you have been told will make you leaner!….when in reality, the opposite is often true – they’re making you gain unwanted weight!


In my latest >>video, I go over 15 of the most popular foods and beverages people opt for when trying to lose weight and get healthier.


I dispel the myths surrounding their claims and give concise reasoning as to why these common food options are actually working against you and your health & body composition goals most of the time.  


It’s highly likely that you are eating some of these foods regularly and unknowingly adding to your waistline in the process.


It’s not your fault though – I will go over the tricks that are often used to market these foods as “healthy options” and show you exactly how these 15 foods are hindering and not helping your efforts to get leaner.


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– Michael

Performance Revolution


P.S. Need some help determining what to eat and in what quantities to make you leaner? 

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