3 Things You Should Know About Greens Supplements (unbiased breakdown)

In case you aren’t aware, there is a big buzz around greens powders right now.


…You know those drinks people are mixing up that look like goblin goo or witch’s brew out of a movie.


Yeah, THOSE drinks.


….they’re becoming extremely popular.


Many of these are sold due to their high vitamin and mineral content.


…and how good these nutrients are meant to be for you. 


For this reason, it’s hard to escape the online ads and the media time these powders are getting.


Every podcast and social channel is singing praises for these supplements. 


…and often these channels aren’t even remotely related to nutrition or health.


But nonetheless, the revenues of popular greens supplement manufactures have continued to skyrocket.  


Companies like AG1, Huel, and Bloom are now becoming household names.


And with the promise of a boosted immune system, better health, and improved energy, it’s easy to see why.


Some “experts” have expressed scepticism about these nutrient-packed powders though. They argue that these products often don’t contain quite as much of the nutrients on their labels.


Regardless of this, there is still something crucial that is being completely overlooked.


…Something overlooked by both sceptics and believers alike!


And what is that?


In my latest >>video, I reveal what you should REALLY know about greens supplements.


…and what to expect if you decide to take them. 


and believe me, it’s NOT all good news either.


To ensure you’re not caught out, click >>HERE and watch this video today.


If you don’t, it could prove to be a VERY costly oversight in the long run.


…and I mean that in more ways than one.


Again, click >>HERE for the video.


– Michael

Pill and Powder Prober

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