Why Calorie Counting is Flawed – 4 BIG Reasons

As a young trainer and nutritionist, I used to talk about Calories In and Calories Out (CICO for short) all the time.


In fact, I used to preach about it to clients.




A lot of literature and prominent people in the health and fitness space reasoned it was gospel.


At first, the concept seemed logical and made sense.


But there was only one problem – over time, my ‘education’ did not match my reality. 


A number of my clients did not get the desired outcomes and many developed BAD eating habits.


Some clients even got the impression that the only way they could lose weight was to starve themselves!


…That is, by drastically reducing their “Calories” to lose weight.


Yes, people tell lies (especially about what they eat), but this was different.


How did I know it was different?


Firstly, a good number of good clients did not lose weight when I prescribed Caloric targets.


These were committed clients who were doing everything else I asked them to do. 


Secondly, I was having the same issues myself! 


Yes, there were many times I adjusted my “Calories” and nothing would happen!


I would lower and raise Calories (sometimes drastically) with ZERO effect on my weight.


At first, I thought it must be user error and bad nutrition tracking.


…or maybe I wasn’t exercising the right way and “Calories out” was the problem.


But then one day I came to realise something and made an important discovery. 


This whole Calories In versus Calories Out thing was just a theory – not an eternal truth.


With incessant digging, I discovered many flaws in the energy balance theory.


In fact, I found four MAJOR ones!


When I discovered these errors, not only did my own results vastly improve, but so too did those of my clients. 


(not to mention the eating habits too)


What are the four major errors with CICO? 


I go over these in my latest video – Click >>HERE to watch it (or save it for later). 


The concepts in this video might be tricky to grapple at first.


But, if you understand them, you will have both superior AND predictable outcomes.


Your body composition will improve, and your mindset regarding nutrition will benefit too. 


So, if you have tracked Calories and have been frustrated by a lack of results, my latest >>video explains why.


If you have tracked Calories and have been delighted by your results, my latest >>video also explains why.


Why shouldn’t you count Calories if your goal is to change your weight?


Click >>HERE to discover the four BIG reasons.


…Or feel free to keep living with CICO OCD for good.


– Michael

CICO Contender

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