5 things you should know about lying leg curls

Have you ever hurt your hamstrings?


I have…and it was PAINFUL!


Not only do hamstring tears n strains hurt, but they also take a long time to heal.


And if you plan on sitting on your date and taking it easy like you can with other injuries, thing again! Often you can’t even sit with a hamstring injury because it hurts so much!


Enter the lying leg curl – a popular exercise (and rightly so) for developing your hamstrings.


As good as leg curls are, few people know the best technique for developing their hamstrings with this exercise….while at the same time avoiding injury (more common than you think).


In my latest short >>video, I go over 5 things you should know about lying leg curls to not only avoid injury, but also to get the most out of this exercise.


Yes, your hamstrings need leg curls – but only if they’re well executed.


Click >>HERE for strong (not strained) hamstrings.


– Michael

Superlative Hamstrings Supporter

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