6 BIG Pull-up Mistakes And How To Rectify Them

Chin ups and Pull-ups are among the best upper body exercises invented. 

They are a testament to upper body strength and are unbelievably good for developing your arms and upper back.

As good pull-ups and chin-ups are, unfortunately these foundational strength exercises are often performed incorrectly.….In fact, it is very rare to see ANYONE performing a chin-up or pull-up correctly in the gym.

How so? 

Well, in this latest video, we reveal the 6 BIG mistakes that you need to look out for and how to rectify these errors to hone VASTLY better pull-ups and chin-ups.

If you fail to pay attention to these errors, not only will you be frustrated with your lack of progress and development, you’re also likely to get injured.

Click >>HERE to perfect your pull-ups and start getting these working for you instead of against you.

Other Video References:

7:50 – Learn to Hollow Body (Dish) Hold Correctly! Beginner to Advanced Progressions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gk5Zt7XMqSs&t=5s

8:25 – How To Do More Pull-ups and Chin-ups (0 to 20 reps)

Are you wanting a more effective approach for progressing not just your pull-ups and chin-ups but also all your other exercises too?

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