Quick & Dirty Lower Body Warm Up Routine

If you work like a middle-aged desk jockey, but squat like a geriatric, then this message is for you!


How can you tell if this is you?


Well, do your hips and legs buckle like an Elvis fan with hemorrhoids when you lunge?


Do your hips, knees, or ankles snap and crack like your protein shaker lid when you drink that fart cocktail of yours?


Do you only perform quarter squats (instead of full squats) and look like you’re about to twerk…. but then hesitate each time and stand up like something impaled your behind?


These are all tell-tale signs that you need my latest quick and dirty (in a good way) >>Lower Body Warm Up Routine.


We’ll get those hips, knees, and ankles working properly again so you don’t have any more Saturday night fails on the dance floor or embarrassingly tell your partner that you tweaked your back picking up your issue of Woman’s Day off the bathroom floor.


We’ll make your lower body feel stable again so you can get off that toilet of yours unassisted …and not look like you’re getting out of an F1 car.


Yep, this routine will help your training ASWELL as your trips to the Royal Doulton – talk about functional!

Click >>HERE to stop unwittingly embarrassing yourself and watch this short video now!


– Michael

Performance Revolution


P.S. If you’re struggling and feel stiff, old, and decrepit in your lower body….or you are simply getting constipated with your training (only metaphorically!), then here’s my phone number – +61404921125 –  message me and let’s talk it out 👍