8 Quick Tips For Solid Push Up Technique

I recently did a full tutorial on How to Perfect Your Push Ups (which you can see >>HERE).

I had some good feedback and requests from this one – a particularly prevalent one was a checklist of “Do’s” and “Don’t’s” for executing this “harder than appears” exercise.

So I have done exactly that – today I will focus on the “Do’s” for proper push up form.

To help you out I’ve created the checklist below as well as this >>60 sec video to help remind you of what you need to do when executing this fundamental exercise – check them out below:

📋Push Up Form Checklist:

✅ Shoulders over wrists – make your shoulders are set over your wrists and not behind them.

✅ Keep Your Head Neutral – tuck your chin in and keep your head neutral and in alignment with your body.

✅ Keep Your Body Straight – maintain a straight or slightly hollowed body position from head to foot, by contracting your glutes and abs to adopt a posterior pelvic tilt. See our >>Dish Hold tutorial for more on this

✅ Keep your hands neutral while externally rotating them into the floor, similar to what you do with your feet in a squat. This will really help you to:

✅ Depress your shoulder blades and ensure you have a good arm angle – your arms should be angled no more than 45 degrees away from the torso and look like you’re forming an arrow when viewed from the top. 

✅ Forearms should be vertical in the bottom position your wrists should be directly under your elbows with forearms vertical.

✅ Shoulder blades together at the bottom – As you lower yourself down, you should fully retract your so that your body uniformly grazes the ground. 

✅ Shoulder blades away from each other at the top – Make sure you go all the way up, and fully protract your shoulder blades at the top of the movement.

If you follow these cues, you will build yourself a perfect push up – now get to it 💪

– Michael

Performance Revolution

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