The surprising truth about a common cliché and what it takes to get results

You’ve likely heard the quote that 80% of success is just showing up.


And yes, while it is true that most people talk a lot about doing things they never actually get around to, among the people who do show up, most of them don’t show up when they show up.


What I mean by this, is that for most people, showing up is the start of their commitment, but it’s also the end. 


If you train and you want to get good results, your body won’t change unless you challenge it enough. 


Simply turning up and going through the motions won’t elicit the training effect or give your body any stimulus to adapt to. 


You need to measure your progress and push yourself harder than last time for your body to change. 


In a lot of ways, turning up to the gym is analogous to going to school – you can attend all your sessions and classes, but you still have to do the work to succeed.


You either trained harder than last time and did what you needed to do to pass, or you didn’t.


Getting results doesn’t happen by only getting 80% of the way…that’s like a guy saying he got his partner 80% pregnant – it doesn’t work like that.


So if you’re currently showing up, show up when you show up!


And if you’re not showing up at all, pull your finger out!


– Michael

Exercise Engagement Specialist

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