The ultimate core training program for highly developed abs and a supremely functioning midsection

It’s here – the third and final piece to the core training puzzle!


Well, it’s not really a puzzle… it’s more like a long game – but a good one!


If you haven’t completed the preceding two Abdomination workouts, what have you been doing with your life?!


Go back, read my previous posts, and do these workouts before proceeding further!


Do not pass go, do not collect $200!


If you have completed the first and second Abdomination workouts, then well done to you!


You should now notice a significant difference in your ab development and the strength of your core.


For a bit of insight, I filmed all three Abdomination workouts in the same afternoon.


After three hours and forty-five odd demo videos (plus some re-takes), my core was cooked!


It was this final third routine that really did me in though.


It caused deep hunger-like pains in my midsection….for the better part of a week.


My hope is that you enjoy this ravaged feeling as much as I did.


Click >>HERE for your Abomination 3 Workout.


Yes, your abs will get more visibly developed on this program.


But you will also learn some awesome new moves to show off to your jaw-dropping, stomach-slopping friends too!


Don’t take my word for it though – check out the routine yourself and give it a go – Click >>HERE for the full workout program.


You won’t be disappointed!

– Michael

Core Cooker

P.S. Do you have abs but want to see more of them? Developing your abs is one way to make them more pronounced. However, if you’re not eating right, you’re making life hard for yourself. No, you don’t need a diet of celery sticks and ice cubes to see a chiselled midsection. However, a diet with the right amount of nutrients will help a lot! I address this issue in my Lean Body Program, – check out the info page if you’re honestly interested in looking and feeling leaner (and stronger!). Be sure to take some action at the end of the page too…that’s if you have the stomach for it 😉 Click >>HERE for the info page.