The REAL Truth About Alcohol and Body Composition

If you’ve been following me for a little while, you probably think I’m a fitness freak and a purist.


You probably assume too, that because I’m in reasonable shape, I must not touch alcohol. 


….and would absolutely never have abused it. 


Well…hardly the case! 


I’m human just like you.


I’ve struggled throughout various stages of my life with alcohol and have turned to it on MANY occasions.


I will admit that there have been some great memories and feel-good moments with alcohol.


…but there have also been some very sobering times too (for lack of better terminology).


It’s this dichotomy that has made me think REALLY long and hard about alcohol.


In fact, it’s sent me down a deep rabbit hole for some time.


I’ve tried to discover as much information as I can about this substance that is so prevalent in society.


In my latest >>video, I dive deep into alcohol from many angles.


I answer lots of questions that were on my mind about alcohol and are likely on yours too.


(hint: the answers are not so obvious)


I go over the real effects alcohol has on body composition, performance, and health. (being the fitness freak that I am!) 


But I also cover my own personal experiences and some interesting truths I discovered along the way too. (you’ve likely never heard of these)


And yes, I will answer that one burning question that’s likely on your mind:


How much alcohol can you get away?


As a bonus too, I provide seven practical tips you can use to safeguard your results IF you decide to drink.


No matter your goals or the situation you’re in, this is an EXTREMELY important topic.


This is the most comprehensive video I’ve ever made.


I can guarantee you that the REAL truth about alcohol will likely surprise you….in more ways than one! 


Click >>HERE for the video and be sure to save it so you can refer back to it. 


This is one video you don’t want to miss.


– Michael

Alcohol Exposer

P.S. Have some more questions about alcohol and its effects?…or maybe you’re struggling to see alcohol’s place? Or perhaps you even have some experiences of your own you wish to share? If so, then feel free to send me a Whatsapp message today on +61404921125. I’m very interested to hear your thoughts 😊