Another Quick & Dirty Lower Body Warm Up Routine

If you saw my last article (check it out >>HERE if you didn’t), it probably sent you to the toilet.


However, I give no apologies and will not retract my colourful descriptions.

Having good hips, knees, ankles, and the like are a part of a good life.


And I don’t want you pushing around a walking frame or wearing nappies prematurely (though some of you probably bought some of these after my last message)


It’s ok, I know you often can’t escape straddling your overly comfortable desk chair or sitting through those long work commutes while you sip on your lactose-free, low-carbon, animal-friendly, skinny iced caramel salted lattes. 


However, what I do realise is that you have a backbone and a pair of legs that weren’t designed for static low locomotion. 


So rather have you rot away in your chairs and sigh and groan with every movement like a donkey with emphysema, I’ve decided to give you another quick and dirty routine to alleviate your premature decrepit misery. 


Yep, you can do this >>Lower Body Warm Up Routine not just before your workouts, but in fact, every time you start to look like the piece of furniture you’re riding.


We’ll get those hips, knees, and ankles working properly again so you can sit, stand, and move like a ninja – and your fellow workers won’t have to worry about all the unsolicited cracks, creaks, sighs, and groans for help. 


In fact, they might even feel a bit self-conscious and ask “what’s wrong?!”


…And if they do, you can share this message with them about the guy with brown humour who advises mobility exercises for better Leg Days at the gym while also improving toilet time! 


In doing so, you also won’t have to listen to their sighs and groans plus the accentuated bitching and moaning between basic bipedal movements – Win-Win!


So what are you waiting for? Click >>HERE, get off you’re A$$, and start moving your lower body properly TODAY!


– Michael

Performance Revolution


P.S. If you feel like you’re still you’re getting constipated with your movement, your results, and your training (only metaphorically!), then here’s my phone number – +61404921125 – message me and let’s talk it out 👍