Another Quick & Sexy Upper Body Warm Up + Posture Routine

How’s your hunch going?


Did you do the routine I told you to in my last post on the subject matter?…. you know the one for the slumped shoulders, the turkey neck, etc?


…or did you just sit at your desk like an ornament?


….a slouched over, gnarled, and twisted looking ornament.


Yes, that frequent ass-planting and desk jockeying comes with its repercussions.


One being the ugly aforementioned look. Others include the propensity to injury and decreased performance in the gym.


Yes, those shoulder and neck impingements usually start long before you do your upper body work in the gym.


Between tapping your Tik-tok and keeling over your keyboard, you have likely developed an unattractive look and keep bringing it into the gym. (no, the other unattractive hunchback look I mean)  


And if you’re a meathead who celebrates International Chest Day multiple times per week in the gym, this lifestyle has the potential to make matters far worse for you – for both your upper body health and your skewed sense of vanity.  


So how do you rid yourself of this ailment?


Firstly, you can start asking people what they ACTUALLY find attractive in a physique and a personality 😉


Secondly, you can DO MY LATEST QUICK N SEXY UPPER BODY MOBILITY & STABILITY ROUTINE – THAT’S WHAT! ….and no, it’s not that hard… in fact this second option will be the much easier one for you (the first takes actual strength and an abasement of one’s ego).


Not only will this >>routine be great for re-aligning your physique, it will also make those gorilla workouts of yours far more effective, pain-free, and of course – sexy!


So, if you’re ready to look sexy again and not so much like an upside down book end, then be sure to do this quick and effective >>Upper Body Mobility and Stability Routine …. TODAY!


Click >>HERE to watch this short routine now!


That is all.

– Michael

Performance Revolution

P.S. If you’ve got a stiff neck, rolled shoulders, an accentuated spine, or your workouts simply aren’t working for you right now, then here’s my number – +61404921125 – message me and let’s dissect what’s going on and get you progressing nicely again….pain-free!👍