Michael’s Awakening As Young Trainer In His First Gym

When I first started out working as a trainer, I used to have to call gym members to get new clients. 


One day I remember the manager approaching me and asking: “how’s it going with the calls and booking people in?” 


My response was: “Not good…it’s not working”


“Oh yeah?” he said.


“Yeah, I’ve dialled a heap of numbers and only a handful of people have picked up, but they’re not interested.” I said.


“Oh really? How many numbers did you dial?” he said.


“20!” I said.


“Dial another 40 numbers and to get back to me he said” 


I thought he either must not have heard me properly or was pulling my leg.


Anyway, I decided to dial 40 numbers.


And to my surprise something happened – within 10 dials I booked two appointments.


Why am I telling you this?


Because often we’re doing the right thing but it’s not working because we’re simply not doing enough of it.


This is especially true when it comes to transforming our body and getting the results we want.


Often we dismiss a good eating or training plan and say they don’t work….but in truth, we don’t let them work.


We eat crap for a lifetime and then panic after a few days of mindful eating because the scale hasn’t moved.


We get down about a lack of strength, when in reality we haven’t trained hard enough with consistency.  


We complain about a lagging body part because we have given it 100 reps instead of 10000.


In truth, most of us would get really good results even if we were given the most basic training and eating plan.


….if we just followed it long enough and consistently enough.


In fact, we would be far further ahead than where we would be following the best of plans for a short amount of time. 


The next time you’re having doubts, remember that consistency is king!


….and that there is usually a lot of reps needed before reaching failure.


And don’t do your best – do what is required.


In doing so, your best will only get better.


– Michael

Results Realist

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