Are You Doing The Correct Version Of Back Extensions For You And Your Goals?

If you’re no stranger to exercise, you have likely performed some back extensions on a Roman Chair or Glute Ham Developer machine…. You know the ones where you have your thighs on pads and your feet are locked in as you bow your torso headfirst towards the floor (yeah those kinds of exercises!)


And before I go on, let me just say that it’s great that you are doing such exercises to strengthen your back in the first place – bravo!


So if you’re already doing back extensions, then what’s to know?


It may not be the case (but it’s more than likely) that in your earnest enthusiasm, you’re doing the incorrect version of the back extension for your goals (and/or applying the wrong loading).


The major concern is that if this goes on, you will turn a strengthening exercise into a damaging one for your lower back.


You’re probably unaware (as most are), that there are actually two distinct types of back extensions you can do…and you need to know the differences and the requirements of each, so you don’t wind up hurt!


In the following short >>video, I explain the two types of back extensions and how to discern the correct version for yourself and your goals.


This way, you can strengthen your back (and other posterior muscles) in the best possible way, while avoiding being sidelined with injury due to incorrect form and loading.


Now is the time to get clarity on this before it’s too late and you do your back in (literally).

Click >>HERE for this must-see explanation and get your lower back training right!


– Michael

Performance Revolution


P.S. Got a weak lower back? Maybe you have already sustained an injury in this area? No matter how severe, you’re usually not doomed as many will say – there is still a lot you can do with the right kind of insight and plan for this ‘touchey’ area of the body. Simply send me a message (+61404921125) with the words ‘LOW BACK’ and I will happily provide some clarity to you for your specific situation 💪