Why You Should Stop Trying To Lose Weight

Whether you have a few kilos to lose or multiple clothing sizes to drop, I’m going to let you in on something.


If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’ve been a coach for quite some time.


…decades in fact.


Being a trainer, you probably think that I help people to lose weight and get in shape.


I mean, isn’t that what most trainers do?


Yes, they do.


But I don’t do that.


…at least, I don’t anymore.


“Huh?” you say.


Have I lost the plot?


Have I gotten lazy?


No, quite the contrary actually.


I’ve butted heads with a lot more fatties than the average person in my time.


And I can tell you for a fact, that I’ve thought VERY hard about all this.


And you know what I discovered?


Being fat is NOT the problem for most people.


Most overweight people should also stop trying to lose weight – seriously!


Yep! I even made a whole video about it. 


(If you’re curious you can click >>HERE to watch it now or save it for later.)


Sound crazy?


Well do you know what else is crazy? 


We are in the 2020’s and more people are fatter than ever before. 


Yep, despite our technological and other advancements, we are an obesogenic society.


And why haven’t we solved this problem?


Perhaps it’s because we don’t know what the real problem actually is?


So considering that more people than ever are out of shape, my approach might just be worth listening to.


In fact, I would say you owe it to yourself. 


Because as life goes on, things only get harder for your body.


HOWEVER, you can stop accelerating into the ditch!


You’ve just got to stop pushing the wrong pedals.


And which pedals are the wrong ones?


Click >>HERE and watch my video to find out.



Contrarian Coach

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