Beta Alanine VS Creatine – Which is Better For Building Muscle and Increasing Performance?

You know how everyone tells you that the burning sensation you feel in your muscles at higher intensities is due to the build-up of lactic acid?

Well I’m here to rock your world by telling you that this thesis is WRONG!

Not only is this NOT what is causing the burning sensation, there is also a way you can really nullify this affect and crank out more reps and better performance at higher intensities.

If you haven’t heard, Beta-alanine has been labelled as the best pre workout, performance enhancing, and muscle building supplement to hit the market in years.

Often it has been referred to as the next creatine or Creatine 2.0 (if you don’t know what creatine is you’re missing out btw!)

But what is Beta Alanine and what does it do exactly?

How do you take it and when?

Oh and what are the side affects you say?

In this latest >>video we will go over EXACTLY what Beta Alanine is, how it works, and what place it might have in your overall program….And if you play sport or do other forms of exercise, you definitely NEED to watch this video.

Click >>HERE now, watch this short video, and get the edge over your fatigue and that nasty burn you feel coming up all too quickly when you train.

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