Your Hamstrings Will Never Grow or Get Stronger If You Do This

If you haven’t found out already, weak hamstrings will give you a lot of problems if you don’t address them.


Most of us barely train this muscle group enough, so to be caught wasting our time doing our ‘hammy’ exercises incorrectly is not a good predicament.


Today I wanted to cover a popular hamstring exercise (and variations thereof) that I see 99% of people execute incorrectly.


You likely perform this popular exercise yourself and don’t get anywhere near the amount of hamstring development you should from it – no bang for your exercise buck so to speak. 


The good news however, is that you only have to make one adjustment to turn this from a silly-looking and ineffective exercise into an awesome one that will bolster your hamstring strength!


What is this awesome exercise that is often executed so poorly and butchered with bad form? 


Check out this short >>60 sec video to see exactly what I mean.


Address this key weakness and you will get much stronger hamstrings (and glutes!)…while avoiding wasting your time on ineffective exercises that look silly.


Click >>HERE to discover the missing piece to your hamstring exercises and get your hamstrings firing fully today!


– Michael

Performance Revolution


P.S. Got some other weak points besides your hamstrings? Most of us will, and it’s inevitable that these will halt our progress if we don’t address them sooner rather than later….not to mention increase our risk of injury. If you’ve got a weakness (hamstrings or otherwise), don’t let it keep hampering your progress. I want to get some answers for you, so here is my number (+61404921125) for you to message me with your exercise concerns (no matter how big or small). Act today and remember that little problems can easily turn into big problems over time.