Build Muscle plus Lose Fat at same time

One of the most common questions (and goals) that people come to me with is:


“Can I build muscle and lose fat at the same time?”


And it’s a question that deserves answering.


I mean, who doesn’t want to get ripped and more muscular?


Like most things in life, this question is not exactly cut and dry though.


BUT, this does not mean you should avoid finding the answer to this question.


Because not knowing the answer will result in a lot of pain and frustration.


…not to mention, wasted effort and resources.


If you have not noticed, leaning down while getting more muscular is a major selling point of most popular fitness programs.


But is it really possible to achieve these seemingly polar goals?


You’re asking your body to do two completely different things at the same time.


(BTW, fat tissue cannot turn into muscle tissue – both are different types of tissue)


And if these dual body composition goals are possible, how much of both can you realistically achieve?


In my >>video on this topic, I answer these questions (and many more) about building muscle and losing fat.


And I’m going to give you a quick hint %FIRSTNAME%;


To achieve these goals simultaneously, you need to be one of four types of people.


And what constitutes those four types of people?


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If you want to get results with your body in the most proficient manner possible, your need to watch this video.


…otherwise you are likely doomed to fail.


Take a few minutes now to watch this >>video and avoid lots of wasted time and effort later on.


You will also learn to distinguish which programs hold promise for you and which ones do not.


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– Michael

Body Comp Contemplator


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