Standing Cable Rear Delt Rows

How to Perform Cable Rear Delt Rows

The shoulders are comprised of three deltoid muscles (#delts) not two. When training shoulders, most people adequately work the front and side delts by including overhead pressing, front raise and lateral raise exercises in their routine. However, exercises that train the rear delts are often neglected (either through lack of volume or exercise form). The following exercise is great for isolating the often neglected #RearDelts as well as working the scapular retractor muscles for better posture. See our pointers and video demo below on how to perform #CableRearDeltRows:

  1. Position the cable at collar-bone level or slightly higher with a rope attachment
  2. Grab the with an overhand grip so that your palms are facing down the entire exercise
  3. Standing upright, turn on your core and glutes and keep these engaged throughout the entire movement – this will prevent unnecessary body movement (particularly at the hips and lower back)
  4. With arms fully stretched out in front of you, pull the rope towards your collar-bone whilst keeping the elbows high – this will emphasize the rear delts whilst limiting the involvement of the lats during the movement.
  5. Focus on contracting the rear delts and squeezing your shoulder blades together at the end range of the movement. When viewed from behind, your upper arms and torso should form a ‘T’
  6. Return the rope back to the starting position in the same line of movement and under control. Be sure to keep your wrists, elbows and shoulders all at the same height throughout the entire movement.

Keep the weight light and aim for higher reps for best results with this exercise

Click the following link for the video demo: