Caffeine: Miracle Drug or Hidden Danger?

If you’re like most people, you’re probably no stranger to a cup of tea or coffee.


Since the industrial revolution of the last few hundred years, the world has embraced caffeine for its daily “pick me up” effect.


9 out of 10 people consume caffeine daily.


…And it’s not just energy drinks, chocolate, tea, and coffee, that many get people get their caffeine fix from – it’s in many more products than most of us are aware of.


With that said, you’re likely wondering how much caffeine is a good amount to have?


…and what the side effects are otherwise? (both short and long term)


Furthermore, there are some other questions associated with caffeine as a performance enhancer:


How can caffeine boost your exercise performance?


Is caffeine an effective fat burner? (as many supplement companies claim)


In my latest >>video, I dive deep into caffeine and answer many of these questions and more.


I also share my own personal experience and thoughts on caffeine (this will likely shock you!)


If you consume caffeine (in any amount) you need to see this video. 


Click >>HERE to watch the video or save it for later. 


This is one topic you don’t want to ignore.


– Michael

Caffeine Challenger

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