Cold Showers – The Benefits and The BS!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have likely heard about cold therapy being all the rage these days for improving your recovery, burning your fat, and even increasing your years on this earth!

Whether its Wim Hoff swimming in an icy lake in Scandinavia or your “tell-all” friend who can’t keep their mouth shut about ice baths and cryotherapy, you’ve likely been encouraged to take a cold shower as your little bit of DIY cold therapy each day to vastly improve your life. 

Apparently cold showers can heal your injuries, shield you from disease, and even increase your muscle mass…amongst many other things!

But can you really get all these perks from something so simple and seemingly obvious up until now?

In this latest >>video, we answer this question and many others when it comes to cold showers and other methods of cold therapy.

We will share what the research and real world has to say, as well as our own experiences about getting under the shower with chattering teeth.

Click >>HERE to watch this short video now, and learn the truth about cold showers as we break down each purported perk about this practice,  and evaluate how much merit each one has.

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