Take Creatine and Beta Alanine Pre-Workout?

I’m often amused but at the same time saddened by the misinformation I see online these days.


It’s especially rife in the fitness space.


People can fabricate just about anything on social platforms and get away with it.


It’s sad, but algorithms are geared towards hype and hyperbole.


….rather than the quality of information that is conveyed.


To make matters worse, many viewers confuse subscriber and follower count with legitimacy. (appeal to consensus bias)


It’s all about getting eyeballs and attention.


…with very few filters applied to establish veracity.


And if it’s not selling faulty ideas, it’s selling supplements.


Yes, most fitness influencers make the majority of their revenue through supplement sales.


Selling supplements they haven’t a clue about!


….with their shirts off of course (lol!)


However, being the good watch dog, today I thought I would apply my BS filter and call someone out.


Someone who decided to be a self-proclaimed supplement sage.


Yes, today is the day I thought I would put an influencer right where they were wrong.


…and spoiler alert – it’s freaking everywhere!


In the following short >>video, I call this particular influencer out on two products they were promoting.


The two products he was promoting are actually good products.


The problem is that there is NO scientific basis for the claims being made by this influencer.


Click >>HERE for the video so you don’t get caught out with this trick.


He’s not the only influencer making these absurd claims, so be alert and always remember to DYOR.


– Michael

Fitness Web Watch Dog