Curtsy Lunges Done Correctly

One exercise that is performed often these days but just as often performed incorrectly is the curtsy lunge. Getting its name from the infamous formal greeting by ladies of yester years and popularised by ballet dancers bowing out of their performances, the curtsy lunge just happens to be a lunge with an extension of this mannerism. Who would have thought the combo of an old school greeting and a lunge would turn out to be a popular exercise used by ladies in the 21st century?!

And why is this so you may be asking? Well it turns out that curtsy lunges are a great exercise for working the glute muscles…. but only when performed correctly. Executing this exercise the wrong way not only works the wrong muscle groups but also puts the knee joint at risk of injury. See our video and note the following for your own practice:

Front knee and ankle are always in alignment

The back leg is positioned outwards at a 45-degree angle relative to the front leg

The rear foot finishes behind and slightly outside the opposite hip when viewed from the front

The pelvis is level and does not tip excessively forwards or laterally throughout the exercise


If you are feeling this exercise in your back, knees or other places that shouldn’t feel excessive strain, it’s likely you are doing your curtsy lunges incorrectly. Use the pointers above to check your form and get this exercise working for you and not against you. Use a mirror to check your form – especially when starting out with this exercise.


For excellent front and side views of the curtsy lunge, see our other curtsy lunge demos below:

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