Develop Your Rear Shoulders With Band Resisted Reverse Flyes

Looking for well rounded shoulders? Chances are that you work the front and side of your shoulders well. However, if you’re like most, your rear shoulders have fallen behind in strength, size and definition. The exercise we are about to show you will help to change that. The Band Resisted Reverse Fly is a great exercise for both engaging the rear shoulder musculature and correcting forward shoulder postures. To get the most out of this exercise, click on our video link and see the full description thereafter:

  1. Find a band of light resistance and fix it to a vertical object at chest level so that it has two free arms of an equal length.


  1. Hold one end of each of the resistance band arms in one of your hands and raise your hands in front of you so that your arms are at shoulder level. Ensure your arms are straight with a slight bend at the elbows and palms facing inward.


  1. Step backward until the band is a little bit stretched while you’re still facing the vertical object.


  1. Pull both of the band ends back in a circular manner until your arms are at the same coronal plane of the shoulders and your upper body forms a ‘T’ when viewed from behind  


  1. Under control, bring both of your hands back to the starting position and then repeat.

High reps (12-20 reps) work best for this exercise. For best results, make sure to pick up a band of a suitable resistance that’s not too heavy nor too light to allow you to focus more on your form and to control both the positive and negative parts of the movement.


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