Do You Lose Flexibility With Age?

Is it too late to become flexible?

Are you too old stretch?

Is it true that flexibility declines with age?

These sorts of questions are often provoked by people ranging anywhere from the ages of 35 to 65 years of age.

They think they are too old for better flexibility because they are getting stiffer and stiffer in their bodies each year. 

And it’s true, most people do get more immobile over time… so it begs the question – ‘do you lose flexibility with age?’ 

Well the short answer is yes. 

As you age, certain changes take place in your body and your connective tissues, including: 

  • There becomes an increasing amount of calcium deposits, adhesions, and cross-links in your body which reduce the suppleness of your tissues.
  • Your body dehydrates with age and there are changes in the chemical structure of your tissues, making them less flexible.
  • Elastin (proteins allowing elasticity) are increasingly lost and muscle fibres begin to be broken down faster.

Sounds grim doesn’t it? You probably think you should give up on stretching entirely now!

But before you do, hold up! There is something that’s worse than this – more of the same!

If you stop using your body, it starts the break-down process quicker – much quicker! 

You see it’s not just flexibility that declines with age – EVERYTHING declines with age – you lose your strength, your speed, your stamina, heck you even lose your hair!

There are two truths you can’t avoid:

  1. You cannot stop ageing – it’s inevitable!
  2. Whatever you don’t use, you lose!

It’s interesting to see how many people are self-defeating when it comes to stretching yet they still try and go out and do every other activity that they can, while they can. 

Nobody wants to sit at home like a vegetable and watch paint dry. 

But when it comes to stretching, everyone starts thinking they are too old (boohoo!).

One of the best ways to delay the aging process, reduce injuries, and keep functional over time is to stretch! 

Sure – you won’t make gains as quickly as a 10-year-old schoolgirl at ballet practice.

Age just means that you need to work harder, and more carefully, and for a longer period of time to increase your flexibility. 

Yes you CAN increase flexibility as you get older – the ability of your muscle tissues and your connective tissues to stretch can be improved at any age.

As you become older, you just need to become more patient with the process (like you have to with everything else). 

Most of us are aware of the advantages of strength training and its ability to delay muscle loss and preserve bone mass as we age. 

However, few people recognise that you need to keep those same muscles strong at desirable lengths. 

Most people usually find this out when it’s way too far down the road and they lose ALL flexibility and functionality. 

Strength is only as good as the length you can express it at.  

So if you look at the question of stretching and aging plainly, you should realise that it really is just an excuse that you need to stop making for yourself.

Most of your flexibility is not lost with age – it’s lost with lack of PRACTICE!

If you’re worried that you’re losing it, start using it!

Start developing your flexibility by getting into a daily routine and be patient and persistent with it – regardless of your age.

Oh and even if you somehow don’t progress very far and stagnate with your flexibility into your older years, then not losing what you have is a win!

Now stop worrying about your age and get stretching!

If you’re feeling really tight, restricted and ultimately frustrated with your body and its lack of functionality, then reach out to us if you’re serious about changing this. 

Our method of stretching not only makes your muscles more supple – it also makes them stronger in the stretched positions. 

If you can make progress with your strength and lift more and more weight over time, then you can definitely do the same with your stretching and you level of muscular length and tension too!

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