Are You Ego Lifting? 3 Signs To Look For

If you’re not familiar with the term ‘ego lifting’ then let me define it for you: 

Lifting more weight than you could, would, or should normally lift.’

…And the end result in every case is usually the same – pain!


…Pain from injuring yourself during an ego lift, or in the form of being sore in the wrong areas the days after training because you compensated through the wrong muscle groups.


How do you know if you’re ego lifting?


In this succinct >>video, I will go over why you might be ego lifting and the three main signs to look for (along with some solid examples).


Stroking your ego might feel good, but injuries do not so take heed!


Click >>HERE to watch the short video to see what I mean.


Oh and one disclaimer before you do – There is no cure for stupidity. 


Enjoy and take note.


– Michael

Performance Revolution


P.S. If you’re lifting with your ego more so than with a plan, then you will ultimately wind up injured and get NOWHERE with your results.

If you’re stuck and resorting to extremes (more so than a progressive method of training that will yield results consistently over time), then you need to end the frustration. To get some guidance, send me (Mike) a message (+6140492125) about where you’re stuck and I will see if I can help direct you on the right path with both your training AND your nutrition 💪