Your All-In-One Pre Workout AND Meal Replacement

Need a “kick” before your workout?

The following espresso protein smoothie is the perfect pre workout meal replacement.

It works great as both a quick and easy source of energy and it’s also incredibly tasty! (note this if you rush to the gym first thing in the morning!) 

If you’re doing weights or other forms of high intensity train that I recommend, you’re burning up precious muscle tissue if you’re going into these workouts in a fasted state.

This espresso protein drink will supply you with enough carbs for your workout along with enough protein to kickstart the muscular repair process ASAP. 

You can also create this drink as either a smoothie or a shake – the choice is yours.

Click >>HERE for the quick sub-60 second video showing you how quick and easy these are to make (along with the ingredients and method in the video description).

Try this smoothie/shake today to fix your coffee craving, while at the same time properly fuelling workouts.

Trust me – you won’t be disappointed!

– Michael

Caffeine Spokesperson