Exercise of the week: Resistance Band Face Pulls

Including Face Pulls in your training program will do wonders to your shoulder positioning and overall posture…Not to mention the development of your upper back and rotator cuff.


This variation of the popular cable version is great as a warm-up drill before upper body work and also for correcting rounded shoulders. Give it a go and keep the reps high (15+)

To get the most out of this exercise, click on the video below and see the full description thereafter:

  1. Fix a resistance band to a vertical object at the same level as your shoulders.


  1. Grasp the band with both hands using a neutral or slightly overhand grip. Make sure your arms are straight out in front of you at shoulder height and fully extended so that there is tension in the band. Maintain good upper back posture by keeping your chest up and your shoulders down.


  1. Begin the movement by slightly squeezing your shoulder blades together then fluidly pull your elbows back and out whilst maintaining the height of your arms at shoulder level.


  1. As your elbows approach their maximum range and are bent just past 90 degrees at the elbow, externally rotate your shoulders whilst trying to rip the band apart between your hands. If you do this correctly, your end position will see your wrists elbows and torso in vertical alignment with your shoulder blades completely squeezed together (seen as a double biceps pose when viewed from behind).


  1. Reverse the movement under control back to the starting position and repeat.


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