Fix these five weak points in your training NOW before it’s too late

Between Strength & Conditioning Coaching and Personal Training, I’ve trained hundreds of people.


This has spanned over 13 years and over 25000 training sessions with clients.


…Clients ranging from complete beginners to elite athletes.


Although I have encountered many different experiences and people during this time, I have still come across the same common weak spots time and time again.


Weak spots that if left unaddressed, can potentially erase a lot of hard work and results.


When it comes to building the body, most people erroneously focus only on what they can see (I’ve been guilty of this myself too). 


However, it’s often not the things that we worry about that derail us in life, but rather it’s the things that we fail to see or worry about that get us.


In my latest >>video, I cover 5 weak points that I encounter time and time again.


I not only cover these common weak spots, but also how to fix them.


….Before imbalance, injury, and stagnation inevitably sets in.      


If you’re serious about your body, you will want to pay attention to these areas.


Before it’s too late and these weak points catch up with you.  


Click >>HERE for the concise video.


I can guarantee you have a couple of these chinks in your armour that need ironing out.


– Michael

Weak Point Assassin

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