Food Label Claims

Food Label Claims

Many of us are wise enough to assess the validity of an misleading claim when we encounter one. However, few of us apply the same discretion when it comes to observing decorated food labels in the grocery aisles. Here are some misleading nutritional claims you are sure to find (and avoid!) on your next scan of the supermarket shelves:

“added vitamins and minerals” – so there aren’t enough nutrients in the food to begin with?

“natural” – Uranium is natural – doesn’t mean it’s good for you to consume

“no added sugar” – usually full of sugary based ingredients and/or artificial sweeteners

“contains real fruit” – so it’s questionably fruit-like and we need convincing that there is actually fruit inside?

“fat-free”= Sugar-full

“low carb” = High Fat

“High Protein” …… compared to our other really low protein products…. Funny how you will never find this claim in the meat section of the store…

If you know of any other misleading food label claims, post these in the comments section below 👇