From 0 to 20 Pull-ups! – Your Complete Program and Guide!

If you have been struggling to reach 20 pull-ups (or chin-ups) in a row or even your very first rep, then what we’re about to share with you is EXACTLY what you need to take this exercise to the next level!

If you have been trying to achieve more pull-ups and chin-ups previously to no avail, then take heart because it’s likely not your fault…

“Why?” you say?…

Because we’re quite aware (as you may be) of the multitude of other ineffective methods and video tutorials out there that claim to give you more reps on your pull-ups…..despite our own experiences to the contrary.

Why do many of these measures fail to work?

The short answer is that they give you very general tips on how to progress your pull-ups, yet they fail to provide you with an effective step by step plan to build up your pull-ups and chin-ups as quickly as possible.

The video below will instead provide you with an effective program for progressing your chin-ups and pull-ups, without any guesswork, and no matter what your current level of ability is.

We will also cover the other exercises that can complement your pull-up and chin-up progress, along with the ones aren’t worth your time.

Click below for your fool proof, time effective and progressive plan to build up your pull-ups FAST!

Oh and if you didn’t see our previous technique and troubleshooting video tutorial on How To Perform Pull-ups and Chin-Ups Properly, then make sure you watch this first so you can avoid or even rectify the 6 BIG pull-up mistakes:

Are you wanting a more effective approach for progressing not just your pull-ups and chin-ups but also all your other exercises too?

If you are not seeing results in the gym for all the time you have invested, then stop spinning your wheels and reach out to us for help.  

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