Train like a Strength Sith using this!

Ever felt like a slug when on vacation?


If not, then you’ve never truly taken a break from your training routine.


It’s sometimes a much-needed respite for a Strength Sith.


But are you a Strength Sith?


We will soon find out.


Now listen carefully my young padawan. Here is a lesson my master taught me;


Most younglings think that taking a break means letting all their hard work go down the drain.


The common practice is to completely ditch the workout routine while on holidays.


…and do about as much exercise as Jabba the Hutt!


Well here is a sabreflash for you my young apprentice;


Your body still needs some level of activity to maintain the gains you’ve worked so hard for.


But I already hear you saying, “I try to stay active on vacation but I needa break!”


Apology accepted Captain Needa



I find your lack of faith disturbing…


Yes, you need to have a few days off from training – but not a few weeks off! 


Otherwise, you leave your gains in a galaxy far, far away.


This is why you come back to training whining about your body and your lack of strength after a long lay-off.


So what’s the solution if you can’t do a full weekly training routine but you need to maintain your gains?


Answer: Full Body Workouts


These allow you to hit each major body part and movement each session. 


Often too, they do not require as much volume or frequency.


Hence, a 4-day routine can be reduced and condensed into a full body session 2 days per week.


What does this look like as far as exercises, sets, reps, etc?


Well I have created a routine that you can replicate my student.


Click >>HERE for my full body strength routine.


And please don’t tell me that you don’t have access to a gym.


…Open up Google Maps or use The Force and move that sluggard body of yours through space!


That should cure your lack of strength…and your whining!



Strength Sith  

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