Build Your Lean Body with Our Green Machine Recipe

Working towards a better body composition but sick of eating meat?

If so, I have a recipe for you… if not, I STILL have a recipe.

Our team Dietitian Sammii, put together the following super tasty yet super easy, meat-less >>recipe.

Yes, it’s vegan but it still packs plenty of protein (legumes) and tastes great!

It’s also packed full of healthy veggies and takes very little time to prepare.

Make a serving for yourself or prepare a big batch for later (you might as well seeing it takes the same amount of time).

Why might you need a vegan recipe even if you’re not vegan?

Well from my experience, many meat eaters get too much of one thing…

No, I’m not talking about iron or protein…

I’m talking about animal fats – particularly saturated animal fats.

If you’re eating meat regularly, chances are that you’re getting a lot of saturated fats and increasing your cholesterol (bad kind).

Too much of this type of fat can increase your propensity for heart problems down the track.

In fact, we often tell our clients to commit to at least one vegetarian day per week for this reason.

If you don’t know how to do this, no sweat – we have you covered.

We have put this super simple, quick and tasty recipe together for you in a >>30 sec video to show you how easy it is to prepare your own vegetarian meals. 

Click >>HERE to check it out now.

We will be releasing more of these types of recipes in the future.

But for now, give this one a go and start looking after both your body composition AND your health.


– Michael

Performance Revolution

P.S. Eating healthy but still struggling to shift stubborn body fat? It’s likely that you’re missing the key ingredient (excuse the pun) to leaning down. To find out what you’re likely leaving out, simply send me a message (+61404921125) with words “LEAN EATING’ and I will happily provide you with some clarity about why you’re spinning your wheels and how you can do away with the frustration and actually start to see results with your body💪