Hamstring Curl Machine Not Available? Try THIS Instead!

Is the Leg Curl Machine constantly in use at your gym?… Or maybe you work out from home and options are limited when it comes to hamstring exercises? 

The leg curl is indeed a good exercise for developing your hamstrings and it’s frustrating when you can’t perform them. 

But worry not! There is another great exercise that is just as good and doesn’t require much equipment (or hours of waiting for a machine to be free)

This exercise is a great substitute for traditional machines as it allows you to still apply external load – so you can really develop the back of your legs over time! 

What is this great exercise?

It’s called a Dumbbell Leg Curl, and you can check it out >>HERE

To make sure you get the most out of this exercise (and your hamstrings), setup an elevated surface (as seen in the video above) for extra range of motion and stretch on your hamstrings.

Also, make the setup easier for yourself too by using another dumbbell on the floor to prop up one end of the dumbbell you will be lifting…otherwise it’s hard trying to lock the handle between the arches of the feet.

Start with a weight that allows you to do 3-4 sets of 8 reps and add reps over time until you reach 12 reps across all sets. From this point, increase the weight slightly and repeat the process.

Do this exercise correctly and you’re well on your way to better hamstrings – give this exercise a shot today!

Are your hamstrings a weak point? Do you know there are two types of exercise that are ESSENTIAL for better hamstring development over time?

What are they and why are your hamstrings stagnating?

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