Hanging Leg Raise Tutorial – Beginner to Advanced Progressions

As the title suggests, you’re going to learn how to perform a full hanging leg raise from start to finish. Now you have likely heard that the hanging leg raise is a great exercise for your abs (and maybe that’s the reason why you want to learn how to do it). However, it’s important to realise that performing a good hanging leg raise is not just about having great core strength – there is a lot more to this exercise than just the strength of your midsection.

Although this movement is often used for strengthening the abs and developing a great mid-section, it is an advanced exercise that requires a great deal of emphasis on flexibility and technique in order to be performed both correctly and effectively. For this reason, we will not only cover hanging leg raise progressions in this video, but also specific flexibility and assistant exercises to ensure you are doing this exercise correctly and avoiding the common mistakes a lot of people make when performing this movement. Check it out and start learning this great exercise today!  

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