How To Build Your Body At Home With Minimal Equipment

If you’re at all like me, Covid was a VERY interesting period of time and there was a lot to learn from the experience. 


Apart from the revelation that people could actually fight over toilet paper, there were many things that I discovered when the wu-flu hit.


Significant things in fact.


Things that really shaped my own lifestyle and that of my business going forwards.


As far as fitness goes, the world has changed a lot since Covid, and I don’t think it’s going to go back to the way it was before.


….at least not any time soon.


Home workouts have become the norm, and more and more people are now training from home.


And maybe you’re someone who wants to train from home yourself?


…but perhaps you don’t know where to start?


And that’s ok – you shouldn’t know how to train at home.


Heck, I’d been a trainer for over a decade before covid and even I barely knew how to train at home.


There are many questions when it comes to home-based training.


…Questions like:


“How much space do I need?”


“What exercises can I do?”


“What equipment do I need (if any)?”


“Can I get results training at home?”


“What are the advantages of training in a gym versus at home?”


All these questions are not uncommon.


…In fact, during Covid I answered all of them for both myself AND many of my clients.


And maybe you have access to a commercial facility, and you want to do some of your training at home?


That’s often not such a bad idea and a hybrid approach can work well for a lot of people too.


But again, where do you start and how do you approach all of this?


Well, learn my lessons by letting me show you. 


I’ve made a thorough video that answers all of your concerns and many more.


I even recorded two entire workouts in the confines of my one-bedroom apartment – with NO equipment!


Two workouts that work every major muscle in your body – and hard!


Yes, it’s possible to have a good workout at home – IF you know what you’re doing.


Click >>HERE to learn how to train at home.


In the video, I also reveal the best bang-for-your-buck and space-saving equipment on the market (if you need it).


Oh and if you travel, you will also find this video very valuable for the times you need know how to work out on the road.


Again, click >>HERE for the video.



Home Workout Honcho

P.S. Around one third of my clients do some form of training at home. My team and I also still run online home-based sessions and design home workout programs. If you need some help with your own home training, simply fill out the box below. Be sure to also mention your main goal and your biggest hurdle when it comes to training at home.