Your One Arm Row Technique Checklist 

I recently did a full tutorial on How to Perfect Your One Arm Rows (which you can see >>HERE).


I had some good feedback and requests from this one – a particularly prevalent one was a checklist for executing this “harder than appears” exercise.


So I have done exactly that – today I will focus on the “Do’s” for proper one arm row form. To help you out I’ve created the checklist below as well as this >>2min video to help remind you of what you need to do when executing this fundamental exercise – check them out below:



📋One Arm Row Checklist:


Keep your pelvis level laterally and avoid shifting your hips to one side 


Lift up your glutes and puff up your chest to flatten out your back 

✅ Keep your core engaged

Protract the working side shoulder blade and push your shoulder towards the floor at the bottom position.


Squeeze your shoulder blade towards your spine at the top and ensure that your elbow is above your torso


✅ Raise and lower the weight under control – avoid jerking movements

Why do you need to execute your rows like this? 


Find out in the concise >>2min video by clicking >>HERE.

If you follow these cues, you will really start to feel this exercise and hit your back muscles properly💪

– Michael

Performance Revolution


P.S. Unsure about your form with certain exercises? Worried you might get injured doing a movement incorrectly? No sweat – here’s my phone number – +61404921125 – message me with your specific concerns and I will point you in the right direction👍