Improve your rear shoulders with dumbbell high rows

Struggling to develop your rear delts? Are you struggling to feel your posterior shoulder muscles working during your rows and specific shoulder exercises? Dumbbell High Rows are a great exercise to help you engage these areas and add some muscularity and definition to the back of your shoulders – Add these to your next shoulder routine.


To get the most out of this exercise, click on the video below and see the full description thereafter:

1. Grab a dumbbell with an overhand grip and support yourself on a bench or stable object in front of you so that your trunk is parallel to the floor. Keep your back flat and do not let your hips move throughout the entire exercise.

2. With the dumbbell hanging beneath your chest at arm’s length, proceed to drive your elbow outwards and upwards towards the ceiling so that your torso and working arm form a right angle when viewed from above at the top of the movement.

3. Lower the dumbbell back to the starting position whilst making sure you only have strict movement from the shoulder – there should be no jerking or cheating by using the hips and back throughout the exercise.


For best results and to help you engage the correct musculature throughout the movement, feel for the stretch (at the bottom position) and the squeeze (at the top position) of the exercise in your posterior shoulder muscles.


Higher reps and lighter weights with control work best for this exercise – aim for around 12-20 reps.


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