Improve your Scapular Retraction and Posture with Resistance Band Pull Aparts

Struggling to feel your back muscles working during your rows and other middle back exercises? Do you suffer from a hunched over posture with your shoulders slumping forward? Resistance Band Pull Aparts are a great exercise to help with these scapular retraction and postural issues. You can integrate this exercise into your daily routine to correct your keyboard posture or put them into your work outs for better scapular retraction and lifting posture. At Performance Revolution, we also use band pull aparts with our clients as a pre and post-exhaust exercise paired with rowing movements to really get the rhomboids and middle back muscles working – we encourage you to do the same. Below is our video demo along with our pointers on how to perform Resistance Band Pull Aparts correctly:

1. Grab a resistance band with an overhand grip and hold it with straight arms, out in front of the body at sternum height – the narrower your grip on the band, the more resistance and harder this exercise will become

2. Keeping your arms straight and at the same height throughout the entire exercise, proceed to pull the band apart by squeezing your shoulder blades together – be sure to fully retract the scapula so that the middle of the band touches your sternum at the end range of motion. When viewed from behind, your upper arms and torso should form a ‘T’

3. Keeping your arms straight, proceed back to the starting position under control by gradually releasing the tension and stretch of the band.

4. Higher reps with control are best for this exercise – aim for around 12-20 reps. If you struggle to get to 12 reps, the band is too heavy in resistance or you are holding it too close together with the hands

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