The Absolute Best Sit Up Alternative that actually works your abs…in a fraction of the time!

The sit-up is usually one of the first movements that comes to mind when you think of abdominal exercises. 


The only trouble is, you probably don’t realise the significant contribution of your hip flexor muscles whilst you’re executing a sit-up or one of its many variations. 


Further, if you get back pain or you can do lots of sit ups, I can almost guarantee you that you’re likely working your hips more than your abs during this exercise.


Oh, and if you need someone (or something) to hold your feet down in order to do a full sit up, I can assure you that your abs are not working hard (regardless of how they “feel” at the time).


In fact, doing conventional sit ups is likely working the polar opposite muscles groups that you intend to when you’re trying to build your core this way.


What is the solution?


Well, there is one way of doing a sit up that will not only save your back and work your abs properly – it will also save you from doing hundreds of pointless reps and save you a tonne of time when it comes to your core work.


This is exercise is not widely known…probably because you will only be able to do a few reps of it… at first!


However, if you watch this >>60 sec video and use the progression guidelines within, you will start to use this smarter version of the sit up and build a really strong set of abs (I guarantee it!)


This exercise will literally force your abs to turn on through a little-known natural mechanism in your body that you will exploit to your favour.

Click >>HERE to see my absolute favourite alternative to conventional Sit Ups and build yourself a rock-solid core in the process!


– Michael

Performance Revolution

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