I didn’t know keto could do this!

Unless you’re very new to the nutrition space, you have likely heard about ketogenic diets.


You know, the ones where carbohydrate intake is as close to zero as possible.


…along with a large increase in dietary fat intake.


You’ve likely heard about these kinds of diets being great for weight loss.


And honestly, they really are and it’s been well proven.


…but you have also likely heard about their potential health dangers too.


In a previous video I made a few months back, I shared how I transitioned to a ketogenic diet.


I did this to see how my body adapted to fat as the main fuel source in place of carbohydrates.


I made a video of my entire 4-month process of transitioning over to a higher fat diet.


(if you missed it, click >>HERE for the video)


In the video, I showed how I transitioned to a ketogenic and eventually a carnivore diet.  


I also revealed my entire eating plan and gave an unbiased review of my experience.


Before this, I had no health issues.


I was following the common 40/30/30 diet split, where 40% of my intake was from Carbs, 30% was from Protein, and 30% was from fat. 


I mentioned in that same video that my experience of switching to a higher fat diet had some great benefits.


My mental health greatly improved, as did my overall energy levels.


I lost fat and gained muscle too – which was a nice added bonus.


But, I also mentioned at the time too, that going keto didn’t come without some health issues either.


I experienced nausea, muscle cramps, an irregular heart rate, and had trouble sleeping on many occasions.


I also had really bad chest pain multiple times too – to the point where I had a couple of visits to the doctor to get an ECG!


So what exactly was happening to me?


Were these signs that the ketogenic diet is dangerous for a person’s health?


In my latest >>video, I will be covering this issue.


In the video, I reveal what was actually happening to me on the ketogenic diet.


If you have thought about going keto (or know someone else who is), you need to watch this video.


Don’t make the same mistake I did.


And even if going keto isn’t on your radar, I guarantee you that you will learn a lot from my experience. 


In particular, you will learn about some often-neglected nutrients in a person’s diet.


….Nutrients that have a POWERFUL effect on the way your body functions.


Click >>HERE for the video. And don’t make the same mistake I did!

– Michael

Experiment Enthusiast

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