No leg extension machine available? No problem – Blast your quads with any one of these 10 exercises instead

If you go to the gym, you are no doubt familiar with the leg extension machine.


Not only is this one of the most popular machines in the gym, it is usually the only machine people look to in order to isolate and develop their quads.


Is it a good machine? 


Sure is!


…But there is only one problem – everyone else thinks the same!


Actually getting on one of these highly coveted machines is the biggest issue – especially at peak hours!


So what do you do – leave quad training for another day and walk out with a pair of toothpicks for legs?


You should know the answer to that one…


It doesn’t have to be this way! (yes, both the machine being taken and you walking around like an emu)


With some outside the box thinking, you will start to see that there are many similar (and even better) exercises you can do in place of the traditional machine leg extension (I will show you 10 soon)


These alternatives also don’t require you to wait for a machine or pray that someone doesn’t pressure you off it when it’s your turn.


What are these awesome exercises that can be done just about anywhere and still externally loaded like a conventional machine leg extension exercise? 


Click >>HERE to watch this short >>60 sec video clip and see my Top 10 machine leg extension alternative exercises.


The truth is, you will need these exercises.


…Because wasting time waiting for a machine is bad, but puny and weak quads are far worse!


Click >>HERE to see what I mean and start training your quads in some different and better ways today! 


– Michael

Performance Revolution

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