As you may already be aware through personal experience, the low back is a typical weak point and area of pain for the majority of us at some stage in our lifetime.


Getting your lower back fixed can be a painful and confusing process – I personally have spent THOU$AND$ previously trying to fix mine.


And what’s even worse than the price we often pay is the mindset that plagues us – we’re often left wondering which exercises we should do and which ones we should avoid with no seemingly clear answers or guidance either way.


It’s difficult pill to swallow because we need to protect this area from further injury, but at the same time we also need to get out of the pain cycle and strengthen this body part.


You begin to constantly question yourself with thoughts like: 

“Should I flex my spine?”

“Can I load my spine?”

“Which exercises are good and which ones are bad?”

“What postures should I adopt”

“What other muscles may I not be activating?”


…and the list goes on!


To help weight answer these questions and more regarding your lower back, I have put together a short video which you can watch by clicking >>HERE



Often we find ourselves struggling to find answers to our biggest pains because we are simply asking the wrong questions.


I can assure you that this video will get you thinking about your lower back and your training in a different way, regardless of how weak or strong you believe you are.


See exactly what I mean by clicking >>HERE to watch this all-important video.


– Michael

Performance Revolution


P.S. Got some questions regarding your lower back or particular exercises you’re unsure about for this area of your body? Simply send me a message (+61404921125) with the words ‘LOW BACK’ and I will happily provide you with some clarity 💪