Don’t Screw Yourself!

I’m going to be frank with you.


If you are not mobilising your body, sooner or later you WILL be screwed!


Screwed up knees, screwed up ankles, screwed up hips, screwed up back, and screwed up performance and functionality!


Yes, your body will adapt to whatever stimulus you give it…. And if you don’t give it anything, it will become nothing.


Not moving your body and your joints into greater ranges of motion will render you stiff and useless.


Motion is lotion!


If you want to end up like Tin-man, then that choice is yours.


If you want to reverse this process and even make your body excel to new levels, then start moving your body through more challenging ranges of motion.


Here is another >>lower body warm up and mobility routine to help you along your way. 


It can be done in five minutes and your body will feel AMAZING afterwards.

Click >>HERE for the sub-60second video of the routine and take heed!

– Michael

Performance Revolution


P.S. If you need help identifying and rectifying your limited movements so you can not only avoid injury, but also increase your performance and longevity, then message me the words “LOWER MOBILITY” today (+61404921125) and let’s remove your greatest limitations – don’t put it off!