Not Again! Another Lower Body Mobility and Warm-up Routine?!

Yep, the time has come around once again! 


The time to return to yet another >>lower body warm up and mobility routine…. 


“Not again!” I hear you mutter under your breath.


It’s ok though – you won’t admit it, but I know that deep down you liked my previous messages on the topic and my proclivity for toilet jokes about your sedentary lifestyle.


Actually, the thing is, I’m regularly saying the same: “Not again – another freaking >>lower body mobility routine for these desk jockeys!”


You see, I’m the one who has to constantly remind you to get up and exert some effort into that lifeless lower body that you chain to a chair every day.


In fact, it’s likely that you secretly sit on an extra cushion (technically a haemorrhoid cushion) to hide the fact that your hips can’t handle the constant abuse.


I can’t live with that fact – let alone should you!


I feel like I’m working harder than a rented mule to get the message across that this lifestyle is NOT OKAY!


It’s my mission to rectify this and I won’t stop – I care about your self-abasing life choice to sit gnarled over in a chair day in and day out.


…Prematurely buckling your back, hitching your hips, and pancaking you’re a$$….and doing nothing about it!


Having a good back, good hips, knees, and ankles are all part of a good life (tell me how the otherwise is true?!)


Seeing it as my mission and my duty, I’ve decided to give you yet another quick and dirty >>lower body mobility and warm up routine to help rectify this sad state of affairs.


Yep, you can do this routine not just before your workouts, but in fact every time you start to get pains from well… nothing but doing nothing.


That means practicing these moves for a few minutes in the office too….to the shock and horror of your fellow office workers. 


You can throw away that haemorrhoid cushion and slap your co-workers in the face with your sleek and sexy moves that only a chair-ridden modern-day worker would dream about.


So what are you waiting for? A promotion and hopefully a better office chair? 


No! Get off you’re A$$ and start moving your lower body properly


Do my latest quick and dirty >>Lower Body Mobility and Warm Up Routine right now!


Click >>HERE and take a few minutes to actually better your body TODAY!


– Michael

Performance Revolution


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