Make weak hamstrings strong! Our Top Five Hamstring Curl Exercises And Why

If you have been following me for even a short amount of time, you should know that I’m BIG on hamstring training.




It’s one of the weakest muscle groups for the majority of people.


….and it’s also one of the most injured muscle groups too (strange coincidence?).


With these facts in mind, it should come as no surprise that many people are a bit lost with hamstring training. 


Apart from leg curl machines, most know of very few hamstring exercises.


Today, I will seek to change that…lest you become another bad statistic.


In my latest >>video, I go over my top five hamstring exercises.


I’ve selected these exercises in particular for a few reasons:


  1. They’re very effective in strengthening the hamstrings


  1. They’re versatile


  1. They have injury prevention potential


Whether you’re interested in these elements or not, one thing is for certain: 


You need to train your hamstrings!


I’m also certain that the exercises in my top five list will give you some ideas for when your training goes stale too.


Watch my latest piece and get on top of your hamstrings before it’s too late.


Click >>HERE for the video.


– Michael

Hamstring Hombre

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