Walk Out of the Gym Like a Penguin with this Machine-less Routine

Have you ever walked out of the gym like a penguin?


If not, then you have never properly trained your calves and hamstrings.


Most people wonder why these stubborn body parts fail to get stronger and develop.


….with one look at their routine, it’s easy to see why!


Common practice is to tack a few sets of calf raises or hamstring curls on the end of a leg workout – Box ticked!


Pfffft! Far from it actually.


These areas are stubborn and often need a HIGH amount of stimulus in order for them to develop.


But I already hear you saying, “I try to do more hamstrings and calves but the machines I want to use are always taken!”


Dammit Robin! 



Haven’t you learnt anything from reading my countless emails?!


There are alternatives to machines – often much better alternatives in fact!


The entire Hamstring & Calves routine I’m about to show you requires NO MACHINES whatsoever.


It involves doing some conventional exercises in unconventional ways.


And in doing so, it FORCES your puny hamstrings and calves to grow!


Click >>HERE to see what I mean.


Now is the time to rid yourself of empty excuses.


Yes, it’s time to come clean and start telling your friends what you actually do during your lower body workouts. 


You can now tell them with the pride of a marching penguin! 


You can tell them that you have finally decided to pump a respectable amount of blood into your legs.


…And they should do the same!

– Michael

Malcontent Masochist  

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