No Weights Required! Your Upper Body-Weight Workout Routine!

When most of us go to a gym, we immediately think of ‘weights’ 

Pushing and pulling heavy things up and down has its benefits and appeal.

However, this is not the only way to get stronger and build a great physique. 

In fact, there are several exercises that we can perform with just our own body that are superior to those with loaded implements.

What are some of these exercises and how do you put them into a routine?

In this highly proficient >>workout, we have taken out the guess work for you and even provided you with progression and regression guidelines in case you need them.

In fact, all the exercises in this >> upper body workout can be performed if you’re at home and only have access to common household furniture.

Give this >>workout a go today and be surprised by how well you can work your whole upper body with just …well… YOU!

Click >>HERE for the workout and don’t forget to read the video description and save it for when you will need it.

– Michael

Performance Revolution

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