One Major Strength MISTAKE That I Wish I Knew Sooner

Do you ever feel like you’re training REALLY hard but you’re not getting stronger in the gym?


Do you feel like you’re doing everything you can, but the weights just won’t seem to go up?


And what about those exercises you have been trying to get better at for months to no avail? – Why don’t they seem to be progressing at all?


…or worse yet, why are they even going backward?


There are certainly times when I have experienced all of these dilemmas.


And to be frank, they are quite unmotivating.


But why does this sort of thing happen?;


You put all your effort and energy into your training, yet it seems to mount up to nothing at times?


It’s a great question, and I encourage you to ask yourself this more often.


I’ve discovered that it comes down to one thing.


It’s a trap we can fall into at any time – often unknowingly.


No, this trap is not some cliche coaching advice like:

“train harder”

“change your diet”

“minimise stress”

or “get better sleep”


Those things may help your situation.


…but they are unlikely the reason why you’re struggling to get stronger.


In fact, I had a conversation with a young man in my gym recently who had fallen into “the trap”.


He thought the solution for his lack of progress must lie somewhere in the cliche advice.


He was training hard every day and being consistent with his effort.


…yet he was not getting stronger at anything – including his favourite exercises.


But, within 30 seconds of talking to him, I immediately knew “the trap” he too had fallen into.


It’s likely the same trap you have fallen into AND will fall into again if you’re not careful.


In my latest >>video, I recount the discussion I had with this young man and I reveal what “the trap” is.


I also reveal how to get out of the trap and start making progress again.


If you’re feeling unmotivated with little reward to show for all your efforts, then I encourage you to take 5 minutes and watch my latest >>video


In doing so, you will save yourself hours of wasted training time, but also lots of headache and heartache.  


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– Michael

Enduring Escapologist

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