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Tired and frustrated of turning into the un-fit and out of shape adult you never thought you would become? you need a Performance Revolution!

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If you’re a busy person who is looking for a highly effective and results driven fitness program, we have the answers for you.
No matter what your level, we will help you become a fitter, leaner, and stronger version of yourself– Fast!
…And all without boring dieting and spending countless hours in the gym!

Don’t just take our word for it though – See what some of our customers have to say about us:


Simon has lost 25kgs to date and looks younger for it!


In just 6 months, 47 year old corporate CFO and single mother Jane, went from flabby and underdefined to lean and sculpted. She hasn’t seen these results in 25 years of prior efforts. Click >>HERE to see Jane’s heartfelt transformation story.


Busy Business Owner OJ built serious strength while also cutting a tonne of fat to get in his best shape since high school!


Sandra has gone from 90kgs to 70kgs and is on track to lose another 10kgs while doubling her strength!


Skinny Anita got built fast and leaned down fast to place 3rd in her first physique show… that happened to be state level!


Andy lost the gut by dropping 8kgs of fat and gaining 2kgs of muscle in just 7 weeks!


Commando-in-training Lachlan got to his leanest while still keeping his body intact with a huge training load.


Kevin came to us with the goal of losing 20kgs and improving his cycling times in 8 months. Now 8 months later, Kevin is 20kgs lighter, rides a lot faster, and in his own words “now feels 20 years younger”. Click >>Here to hear Kevin’s story.


Despite being allergic to eggs, dairy, yeast, and shellfish, Amy doubled her strength across all her major lifts and transformed into her best physique ever – even competing in her first fitness model show! Click >>HERE to hear Amy’s story.

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Get out of your fitness results rut and start building a better body today!

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Our Approach

Training with Performance Revolution means having the support of a personal coach, a dietician and an online trainer to help you in every way possible both inside and outside the gym. Our highly professional team will measure and manage your performance in the key areas of TRAINING, NUTRITION and RECOVERY – the foundation of what we term The Results Triangle. In order to obtain the best results possible, all three sides of the triangle need to be given proper attention. A failure to give adequate priority to any of the three sides will eventually cause the triangle to collapse and your fitness goals to be derailed.

Meet The Support Team


Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach & Nutritionist.

Michael Hermann is the Founder and Director of Performance Revolution, a company dedicated to helping people reach their physical potential.


Personal Trainer & Performance Coach

Mitchell Jobson began his career teaching martial arts to hundreds of students before transitioning into extensive strength training tuition.



Lachlan is a very passionate Dietitian with comprehensive education and practical experiences in the realm of nutrition and exercise.

In-Gym And Online Offers

At Performance Revolution we train you like an athlete. Whether you need to build muscle and strength, burn body fat, or increase your athletic abilities, our comprehensive programs are designed to make you look & feel young and athletic again. Utilising our highly experienced and professional team of coaches, our programs are delivered to you in One-on-One, small group, large group, and online training formats according to your individual needs and goals. Our comprehensive training programs can also be coupled with nutritional support from our team dietitians to maximise your time invested both inside and outside of the gym.

Consider Taking up Our Ultimate Trial Today! The package includes:

1x 90min 1-on-1 Introductory
Coaching Session

This 1-on-1 discovery session will be run in a free-flowing format where your assigned coach will look at you strength, flexibility, cardio, and other fitness parameters relevant to your goals. We will go over exercise technique and injury potential thoroughly, but you won’t even feel like you’re being assessed.

Complete Body Composition Measurements

If you’re goal is to build muscle or lose fat, it helps to know where you’re currently at and what this means. We will also look at your posture and balance to see if there are any corrections we can make, to get your body looking, feeling, and performing better!

30min Training and Nutrition Consultation

This is where you get to ask us all your questions – and yes you will have some after our time together! We will go over the results from both your coaching session and body composition measurements and tell you what it all means. We will also look at what sort of plan might suit you best going forwards to achieve your goals that is compatible with your own individual circumstances and constraints.

Ultimate Stretching Guide + Flexibility Secrets Email Series

Reduce Pain, Increase Recovery, and Get Flexible with this extensive guide and email series. Learn the science behind flexibility – which stretches to use, how hard to stretch, how long, and how often. The best training program in the world won’t work if you cannot recover from it – discover the key stretches and flexibility methods to restore your body to a whole new level!

Nutrition 101 Guide

In this handbook, you will learn the practical fundamentals of good nutrition – whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, or get healthier, this guide will address the key principles and habits you will need to implement to ensure success. Once you get your nutrition right, you will discover that results are a lot easier to come by – you’ll waste less time doing endless cardio, you’ll recover better, and you’ll also feel much more energised!

12-week Core Training Program

Your core is the centre of your body and just about all major movements of the body rely on this area. A strong core makes for a strong body and great posture. It is also notably the most famous body part when it comes to determining a fit physique. This program is designed for developing strength, motion, and stability in your mid-section – as well as adding that aesthetic appeal along the way. Give this area of your body the attention it deserves with this comprehensive program.

To learn more or to trial any of our programs, Click below:

Online Results Programs

Can’t make it to us in the gym or looking to train from home?

No sweat! Our main HQ is in Ashgrove (Brisbane), but we also service clients abroad via our online training programs
We have clients all over the world who get great results on our Online Training programs – you can learn more about our remote training options by clicking below:


Have a few questions in mind? We understand. In fact, here are some common questions we have received regarding our programs – click on the question for our answers:

Our smaller, more individualised focus, ensures we meet you where you’re currently at and over time progress you to where you need to be. You go to the doctor when you’re sick, not when your well. Likewise, people come to us to get into shape, not because they’re already fit and healthy.
If you’re recovering from an injury, our experienced coaches will adapt the program according to your needs. There are over 600 muscles in your body – we’re certain most of yours still work and there are other areas to be targeted. We are also very thorough with programming balance, client warm-ups, and cool-downs in order to prevent injury and assist recovery around sessions. If you’re still unsure, get in touch with us and take our risk-free trial
If you are already getting professional help regarding your nutrition, that is great – we can work with that and not against it. If you have food allergies, intolerances or any particular restrictions you need not be concerned – our dietitians are fully trained professionals who are more than capable of helping you get results in light of your nutritional situation

Why not? How much longer can you put this off? Another day soon turns into another week, another month, and another year. You can keep digging around for the next one-size-fits-all program or telling yourself you will “think about it”, but in reality, you’re kicking the can down the road and time is running out! Right now we have men and women just like you who are taking action, and getting fitter, leaner, healthier and stronger. The sooner you get on board, the sooner you will see results.

If you’re fit enough, you’re old enough! You can live young and die old or you can live old and die young – the choice is yours. Hence, we don’t like to put limitations on people regarding age – our clients range from 16-75 years old.

This isn’t babysitting. We can’t drive you to the gym or spoon feed you your meals. We will give you all the direction and support that you need to get results – it’s up to you to put in the work. If you’re teachable and take action, then you’ve already got the winning combination to be successful. We have very experienced coaches, dietitians, and online trainers who are utilised to maximise your results both inside and outside of the gym – we will do everything we can in our power to get you across the goal line – help us help you!

Don’t let one bad experience ruin an opportunity to take your body to the next level. We have highly experienced trainers and dietitians on our team who want to maximise your time and effort both inside and outside the gym. If you’re committed and follow our advice, you will get results. If you’re sceptical, check out the >>Success Stories section and hear it from our clients.

We totally understand your concern. Here’s the truth, there will never be a perfect time to start your fitness goals. Two of our top clients had small kids, held down executive financial jobs, and completed their masters degrees whilst achieving amazing results on our program.

So yes, you can absolutely do this! We teach our clients to work smarter, not just harder on their fitness goals. We will show you how!

This depends on your starting point and how diligently you apply our recommendations regarding your nutrition, training, and recovery. To get an idea or to draw some parallels, check out our client testimonials >>HERE

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Sandra Gattenhof
Sandra Gattenhof
Performance Revolution is a fabulous integration of personal training, nutrition advice and support and exercise programming. Both the face to face training sessions and online/app check ins ensure that you are continually supported and act as reminders of how to strive for improvement. Performance Revolution meets you where you are at with the goal to move you to better health and fitness.
Caroline Gamin
Caroline Gamin
The Performance Revolution Team helped me achieve my goal of losing 10 kg! I was about to quit the gym, I had gained 10 kg and was upset that my clothes were not fitting and that I looked dreadful in photos. After a phone call from Michael and a preliminary gym session with him, I joined with the team in February, 2019. I was a little sceptical at first, to be honest; but I signed on. One of the blockers I had with exercise was that I would start something and become injured. With a trainer supervising me with every weight I lifted, I actually strengthened parts of my body that were contributing to the injuries in the first place! The Team kept me accountable and monitored my form (and attendance). I turned up to training most of the time and somewhat followed the dietary plan and I lost some of the weight, improved my shape and developed some muscles. It wasn’t that hard. However, it wasn’t until the middle of the year that I fully committed to cleaning up my eating and set goals with my training. The Team were incredibly supportive and encouraging and cheered me on. I still remember Michael saying to me: ‘Just follow the plan’. Michael is a man of few words!! By February, 2020 I had more than achieved my goals. I was seeing the trainers twice a week and hiking and walking on the weekends. When Covid 19 closed the gyms, the Performance Revolution Team got straight to planning online sessions. Zoom was set up and away we went. I found online training to be easy and time saving. I didn’t have to drive to the gym or find a park. The Team incorporated the equipment I had at home into the training sessions. Since online training was set up, I have now joined the Core and Cardio classes twice a week as well as my strength training. I have never been fitter NOT going the gym. Now gyms are re-opening I plan to attend the gym once a week and to train online three times a week. It’s really a time efficient way of training.
Anne Bolland
Anne Bolland
The team at Performance Revolution have really got your back. The specialists are not going to coddle you, but gently teach, advise and guide you to understand what it takes to create and look after your best body. They really take the extra time to get to know your particular needs. In the end it is still you that has to do the hard work of course, but with this team behind you, your goals and dreams can become reality.
Caleb and Jo Boyd
Caleb and Jo Boyd
I have been training with Performance Revolution for over 12 months now and the results are amazing. Michael and the team focus on holistic training which includes a range of awesome strength and cardio classes ( both in the gym and then, thanks to COVID-19 online through Zoom) and they can also help with nutrition to make sure your diet is making the most of the training . The technical expertise of the trainers is second to none, which means my technique has improved and they’ve been able to focus on weak areas to help me avoid injury. The stretch classes have also been fantastic for increasing my flexibility and staving off the dangers of sitting at a desk everyday. I have never felt stronger, fitter and more motivated. Whether you’re new to group fitness or looking for a change, definitely give Performance Revolution a try you’ll love it!!!!
Bronwyn Fletcher
Bronwyn Fletcher
I cannot praise Michael and the team at Performance Revolution highly enough! I have been consistently going to the gym and working with PTs for 8 years now but I have to say that Michael and his team have had the biggest impact on my results than anything in that time. I can honestly say their skill level surpasses that of any of the trainers I have worked with. There are so many facets that make the service provided in Michael’s PT sessions and Performance Revolution so unique. The classes are really thought out (they really are full body workouts) and Michael provides consistent variety which means I stay motivated and most importantly sore! I have never once felt like I wasn’t making progress or the exercises were getting mundane or weren’t challenging enough. Michael places a huge focus on proper technique which is demonstrated every time no matter how familiar with the exercise you are. Due to this I have discovered just how limited my previous PT’s instruction has been and just how much more I am getting out of these classes now that my technique is fixed. The flexibility of the classes is another major plus. Working full time with kids makes it really hard to fit the gym in so the flexibility of the programming especially the online options means that making the gym/classes is so much easier so I have never been more fit, more motivated or seen results so quickly. The product provided by Michael and Performance Revolution is also a completely holistic program. I used to work with a PT and then do Yoga separately. Michael’s stretch class along with the Cardio Core class leaves me just as relaxed as yoga but during the classes he provides you with knowledge of the underlying physiology behind each of the stretches. I am constantly blown away by Michael’s expertise. This man seriously knows his stuff and because of that I feel so lucky to be taking his classes. I think when you pay for a product you want to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth and with Michael and Performance Revolution there is no question. They are the bomb!
Leah Milne
Leah Milne
I have been training with the Performance Revolution team for the last year. The team are extremely knowledgeable, supportive and committed to helping you achieve your goals. If you’re looking for Brisbane-based personal trainer, I nightly recommend Performance Revolution!
I took classes with Michael at Performance Revolution for over a year in 2019-2020. He runs a professional team, is a knowledgeable teacher, and an excellent coach. Michael has a quiet and authoritative manner when training. He readily and ably explains as much detail as one is in a position to absorb for any exercise, and judges well how hard to push during a training session. That said, he ultimately leaves the impetus on you to drive your own training and learning. I am in the Defence Force, and I greatly appreciated that Michael was unendingly accommodating of my sometimes erratic schedule. He worked multiple absences of several weeks into my program and billing, and then adapted to COVID restrictions smoothly, always making the administration effortless for me. I also came from a position of having done no strength training before, and was very skinny! Through a mixture of a nutritional focus, incremental training, and education, Michael and his team have set me on a sustainable path to continue to train and improve, and was a great person to start this process with. If I were still based in Brisbane I'd still be training with Michael. Thank you for a great introduction to safe and effective strength training, Shannon Bowen
kezia kezia
kezia kezia
Met Mike on late 2019 and was introduced to his new circuit class. Brilliant energy and variations. Highly focused on functional training in high intensity zone. The group is small which provides more interaction and coaching. Well done and great success ahead Mike!!!
Frank McCready
Frank McCready
I have been working with Michael and his team on and off for several years, focusing on different goals (toning, weight-loss, core-strengthening, etc.) at different times. On all occasions Michael, and most recently Louise, have developed programs for me which specifically enabled me to achieve my goals while at the same time ensuring that I worked within my capabilities without injuring myself. This latter point has been a major factor for me in choosing Michael as I have had chronic knee pain (had bi-lateral knee replacements in Jan 2019) and chronic back pain for the past few years and Michael and Louise have taken that into account when planning my program. Also, when doing each session they often adjust my exercises based on my back/knee pain levels. After my most recent 12 week program, I lost 7kg, toned up my body (down two belt sizes) and, most importantly for me, I have been able to come off my opioids after being on them (patch, and Endone where required) for two years. I am taking a break now as I will be overseas for an intended period but will be back to Michael and Louise in the future. Thanks guys!
Bijan Jiany
Bijan Jiany
Meet Mike at a business conference in Long Beach, CA. Impressed with his professionalism and passion for the industry. Continue success Mike!


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